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About Walter Energy

Walter Energy is a producer of coal, coke, and natural gas. We are headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. We are a leading producer and exporter of metallurgical coal for the global steel industry from mines located in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. We also produce thermal and industrial bituminous coal, anthracite, coke and related products, as well as coal bed methane gas (natural gas).

Our strategy is to focus principally on the development of our metallurgical coal resources. We believe that long term global economic growth supports a growing demand for steel, and for the metallurgical coal needed to make steel. Our North American reserves of metallurgical coal serve both the Atlantic and Pacific markets.

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About Met Coal

Coal is the world’s most abundant fossil fuel. Nearly eight billion metric tons (MT) of coal are used each year –mostly to generate electricity. However, certain coals have unique properties that allow them to be used to make steel. These coals are classified as metallurgical grade, or met coals. It takes about 0.60 MT of met coal to make 1.0 MT of steel. Because coals with metallurgical properties are less abundant, they have a higher value.  LEARN THE WHOLE STORY →

A Passion for Safety

Safety Inspector Mary Phillips loves her job and sees her role as her purpose in life. “I have a real passion for helping keep people safe, “ said Phillips, “I like being in a challenging, industrial environment but making sure people go home safety to their families at the end of the day.” CEO Walt Scheller applauded Phillips’ example: “While safety is ultimately an individual responsibility, most of our work is done in teams. Read more →